Plantation Shutters vs. Venetians - Choosing what's right for you

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The Luxaflex collection of window shutters and venetians offers a stunning array of styles and colours designed to enhance every room in your home, and all are backed by a piece-of-mind guarantee. From classic styles to modern ingenuity, the Luxaflex collection will turn heads and leave your friends and neighbors inspired as each room in your home is an opportunity to make a statement.

But what range is right for you and your space? It may not even be a specific range but a combination to suit the room and window you want to accommodate.

To help you make a more informed decision when choosing the right Luxaflex products, we’ve outlined the difference between each range to help you choose the right blinds that suit your space.

Choosing the right style blinds for your home can overwhelming process, so we’ve broken down the features to help you make a more informed decision when choosing the right choose the right blinds that suit your space.

Luxaflex - Shutters and Venetians - Blog - Comparison Chart

Luxaflex® PolySatin® Shutters

Ideal for: Everyday use in the home environment.  

Luxaflex - Blog - Shutters and Venetians - Comparison - PolySatin Shutters

Timeless and durable, our PolySatin Shutters are an ultramodern and innovative choice. A new and advanced take on traditional wooden shutters, the PolySatin Shutters are virtually maintenance free and offer luxury and style for your home. With a 20-year warranty, a choice of 3 operating systems (Smart View, Clear View and Traditional Tilt Bar) and the ability to suit odd shaped windows, we feel you won’t find a more versatile, durable, or functional shutter on the market.


Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Ideal for: Larger Living Areas, Home Office

Luxaflex - Blog - Shutters and Venetians - Comparison - Aluminium Venetians

For simple, complimentary and sleek, then our range of Aluminium Venetian Blinds is right for you. Slim, sophisticated and offering a range of 17 colour options that can complement almost any room, the Aluminum Venetian Blinds are a must-have for the ultramodern home owner. One of the most appealing aspects is the blinds are low maintenance, while also offering great lighting control for your room.


Luxaflex® Country Woods® Venetians

Ideal for: Smaller country-style living areas. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry

Luxaflex - Blog - Shutters and Venetians - Comparison - Luxaflex Country Woods Venetians

If you’re after a more traditional or rustic look  then you may consider the Luxaflex® Country Woods® Venetians. These Venetian blinds come in multiple high-grade timber finishes including lacquered, stained, oiled or lightweight hardwood timber or white finish, Luxaflex can customise the Country Woods® Venetians to suit any taste.

High-grade timber is used to minimise warping and splitting plus a heritage experience that only natural wood can give, combined with up-to-date functionality, place the Country Woods® Venetians a cut above the rest.


Luxaflex® Wood Essence Blinds

Ideal for: Large homes and living areas.

Luxaflex - Blog - Shutters and Venetians - Comparison - Wood Essence

The Wood Essence Blinds collection is the perfect alternative for that natural timber look in more humid spaces. Designed to withstand the elements, the Wood Essence Blinds are made of durable polystyrene and provide cutting-edge technology making them resistant to discolouration and warping while also delivering that charming, natural wood feel.


Timber Shutters

Ideal for: Upper and lower reachable windows in living type areas.  

Luxaflex - Blog - Shutters and Venetians - Comparison - Timber Shutters

Luxaflex Timber Shutters can take your interior to the next level. These Timber shutters are produced at the highest quality and available in a range of 5 popular paint finishes and seven timber stains. These shutters are made to maintain their colour and beauty over time and offer hinged, bi-fold and sliding configurations. 

A standard front tilt system offers the look of traditional plantation shutters, while the Trueview Tilt mechanism is barely visible for an unobstructed view.


The Luxaflex collection of blinds and shutters is unparalleled with a versatile range, offering your home premium quality products all with a focus on beauty, innovation and durability.

For more information on any Luxaflex Plantation Shutter or Venetian Blind contact us today.

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